Would you upgrade if Apple released the iPhone 16 mini?

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Hey there! Upgrading to the latest iPhone model is always a tempting thought, isn’t it? If you’re rocking an older iPhone and wondering whether to jump on the iPhone 16 mini train, here are some thoughts:

  • New Features: The latest models usually come packed with the newest tech Apple has to offer. Think about whether these features will make a significant difference in your daily use.
  • Size Matters: If you’re a fan of smaller phones, the ‘mini’ versions are great for that one-handed texting and fit snugly in your pocket.
  • Cost Considerations: Upgrades can be pricey. It’s worth considering if the new features are worth the dent in your wallet.
  • Current Phone’s Performance: How’s your current phone holding up? If it’s still speedy and the battery’s kicking, you might not need an upgrade just yet.
  • Future Tech: Tech moves fast, and there’s always something new around the corner. If the iPhone 16 mini doesn’t wow you, waiting a bit could bring something that will.
  • Market Watch: Keep an eye out for price drops when new models are announced. You might snag a deal!

In the end, it’s all about what you value most. If the new mini checks all your boxes and you’re ready for a change, go for it. If not, there’s no harm in waiting to see what the future holds.

Hope this helps you weigh your options!

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I would immediately upgrade. I’ll just keep changing the battery in my 512GB 13 mini until Apple stops supporting it or until it gets too bothersome, haha. That is, if no useful Mini or usable SE comes out.