Wireless charging with a popsocket

Hi guys…I’m seeking advice on a phone grip solution that won’t interfere with wireless charging. Previously, my popsocket was indispensable on my 7 Plus, offering support and acting as a fidget toy. However, I had to give it up when I upgraded to the Max for wireless charging compatibility, as it didn’t work with my chargers (a pad and a stand).

After a week without it, I really miss having a secure grip on my phone. I’ve considered alternatives like Phone Loops, which are affordable and promising, but their positioning is limited by the camera’s placement. I also looked into the TFY Security Strap, but concerns about its bulky metal buckle and compatibility with larger phones have held me back.

I’m still searching for a solution that provides a good grip without sacrificing wireless charging capability. Ideally, something like a removable popsocket would be perfect, but frequent reattachment isn’t feasible for me. If anyone has found a product that strikes this balance, I’d greatly appreciate your input. Thanks for any advice you can offer!

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I’ve used a pop socket on both of my phones (X and XS Max), and they’ve never interfered with wireless charging.

Surprisingly, I was having issues with wireless charging before I got my new case/pop socket. However, it now works properly. (I’m presuming it was migrating off the charger when it was naked, as several have mentioned here.) But the case/pop socket must now hold it in place.

For a secure phone grip solution that doesn’t interfere with wireless charging, you might want to consider adhesive phone grips like Spigen Style Ring or the PopSockets PopGrip Slide Stretch. These options attach securely to the back of your phone, providing a grip while still allowing wireless charging compatibility. The Spigen Style Ring offers a ring grip that can rotate and lay flat, while the PopSockets PopGrip Slide Stretch is designed to slide up and down for easier wireless charging access. Both options provide a stable grip without the bulk of a traditional popsocket or the potential interference with wireless charging pads. These could be worth exploring to see if they meet your needs for both grip and functionality.