Why can't I see pictures sent to me on imessage

I’m using iCloud, so naturally, my iMessage photos are stored in the cloud rather than on my phone. However, I don’t think this should mean that lower resolution versions aren’t stored. The issue is that when I try to find a specific image in a conversation by tapping on the profile picture to view them, not all photos are listed. It’s frustrating because if it can’t list all the photos, it’s not very useful. Is there a setting I can change to address this? I don’t mind if it uses a bit more storage, as manually scrolling through messages to find what I need isn’t practical.

Any suggestions?

I’m experiencing the same issue. recently begun throughout the past few days. I’ve attempted every recommended fix, including restarting my phone, logging in and out of iMessage, and wiping the network settings. Does anyone know of any other concepts?

Hello Mia. After you click on it, it should begin to download; processing takes a few seconds.