What's the top privacy screen cover for iPhone 13?

A while ago, I got the OtterBox privacy screen for my iPhone 13, but I didn’t like it much. Now, I’m back to using a normal screen protector. Can you suggest any good privacy screen protectors? I’ve heard good things about ZAGG, Belkin, Spigen, and JETech.

Privacy screen protectors can be quite useful for protecting your privacy while using your phone in public. Among the brands you mentioned, ZAGG, Belkin, Spigen, and JETech are all reputable and offer quality products.

However, the best one for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. I’d recommend checking out reviews and comparing features like clarity, thickness, and ease of installation to find the one that suits you best.

hi brother what u need is ease of installion,durability and warranty this points would guide you expound on this guide lines they will assist you

I had one like that, and even though it seems like it would protect against dust, it doesn’t. The adhesive part doesn’t cover the earpiece fully, leaving a tiny gap between the protector and the earpiece grill. This gap actually causes more dust buildup.

I would go with the ZAGG protector because it offers a lifetime warranty

JETech Anti-Spy Tempered Glass Film for iPhone 13/13 Pro, 6.1-Inch Privacy Screen Protector, Pack of 2.