What's the Best Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 15 Pro?

Hey guys, I’m looking for recommendations for the best privacy screen protector for the iPhone 15 Pro. Anyone have one they really like? I’ve been checking out a few options online, but there are so many to choose from. Privacy is important to me, especially with how much I use my phone in public. Let me know if you have any suggestions! :iphone::lock:


I tried Shellrus, but honestly, all privacy screen protectors are pretty bad. They significantly reduce the screen quality.

I eventually removed mine, even though it cost over $100, so it was a tough decision emotionally. The privacy feature where it blocks side views (vertical ones didn’t even work) wasn’t worth the compromise in screen image quality.

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Just get a Zagg screen protector and take advantage of their lifetime warranty if it ever breaks.

I never used to use screen protectors but last year with my 14 Pro it scratched so easy that I decided to use one this time on the 15. Unfortunately it is a trade off, you either get a screen that is less resistant to breaking or less resistant to scratching you can’t have both. I think Apple picked breaking as more important (could be because that is what they cover with AppleCare+)

Try the ESR Privacy Screen Protector. It provides budget-friendly privacy and scratch protection. While it offers decent shielding, it may compromise clarity and durability compared to premium alternatives.

Hey, simply get a Zagg screen protector and claim their lifetime warranty when it inevitably shatters.