What's the best clear case for the iPhone 15 Pro Max?

Hey iPhone lovers, I just got my new iPhone 15 Pro and I love it, but it’s really slippery because of the rounded titanium edges. It keeps sliding and falling off every surface in my place. Can you recommend a good clear case that shows off the phone’s design without being too bulky?

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Welcome to the iPhone 15 Pro club! It’s a beaut, isn’t it? But yeah, I hear you on the slippery factor. Those titanium edges feel amazing, but they can turn your phone into a tiny ice cube on smooth surfaces. I’ve had good luck with the Spigen Ultra Hybrid clear case. It’s slim, shows off the phone’s sleek design, and has a grippy bumper to prevent slipping. Plus, it offers decent protection without adding too much bulk. Hope that helps keep your phone safe and stylish!

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ugh!,I got the Otterbox on day one and it’s already yellowing. Also, the button covers on the case are loose and clicky, making it sound like your phone is breaking apart. I might try the spigen myself.

For your iPhone 15 Pro, think about getting a thin, transparent cover with a gripping surface. Clear phone covers from companies like Spigen, OtterBox, or Apple are made to show off your phone while offering sufficient drop protection. To protect your gadget without sacrificing its appearance, go for one with elevated edges and reinforced corners.