What would resetting my statistics do on my iphone?


it means that you want to reset your data usage statistics, as in you want to delete the information concerning the amount of data, the duration of minutes that you have been on call, and app statistics. When you reset it means that you are deleting these information that has been stored since your last reset


At first, I thought you wanted a downvote.


Except for the lifetime call time, reset everything to 0.


This indicates the amount of data your apps consume. If you’re on a monthly plan, resetting it on your billing date allows you to track your data usage effectively every month.

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I’m puzzled why yours doesn’t auto-reset. Mine didn’t when I was on Verizon, but now they do since I switched to T-Mobile. Although, I hardly check them on T-Mobile anyway, with my unlimited plan and a high soft cap of 50GB/month. It’s still strange though.