What was a common complaint regarding Siri's functionality in the DeviceTalkForum discussion on iPhone volume settings?

What common issue did users frequently discuss regarding Siri’s functionality in the DeviceTalkForum conversation on iPhone volume settings? Siri volume is excessively loud.

When I’m listening to music, watching a show, or even just enjoying some background noise, asking Siri a question drastically increases my volume, which I’m unable to adjust even when set to the lowest level, as shown in the first screenshot. Despite my efforts to find a solution, none have proven effective. Can anyone suggest a fix for this problem?

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Direct Siri to lower its volume using a command, or adjust the volume manually while Siri is speaking. Changing the volume at any other time won’t impact Siri.

What type of playback device are you using?

On certain devices, such as Pioneer and JVC car stereos, there’s a distinction between the ‘Alert Volume’ and the regular volume level. Pioneer allows adjustments to both volumes at any time, which is convenient. However, with JVC stereos, you can only adjust the alert volume during notifications, which can be quite cumbersome.

I’ve developed a habit of waiting for a GPS or Siri prompt and quickly lowering the volume using the down button on my JVC stereo.