What is the best protective iPhone wallet case?

I got a new Spigen wallet case for my iPhone 14 Pro and really liked it, but then I noticed that the back glass cracked while the case was on. I don’t like folio cases because I have to open my phone to use it. Can you recommend a protective case for someone like me who drops their phone a lot? I’ve considered a MagSafe case, but I’m not sure how secure they are. I was hoping for more suggestions for wallet cases that offer better protection.

I had a similar issue with my iPhone case. I’ve found that the OtterBox Commuter Series Wallet Case offers great protection and durability. It’s not a folio case, so you don’t have to open it to use your phone, and it has a built-in wallet for cards. The case is also quite sturdy and has protected my phone from multiple drops. You might want to give it a try.

You need Apple care plus