What do you think about Encased phone cases?

Hey everyone,

Has anyone tried the Encased phone case? I’ve seen more people recommend Spigen than Encased. But here’s the thing: Encased comes with a Belt Clip included for less money than Spigen alone. Do you think Encased would be better than the Spigen Tough Armor? I just want to play it safe with my new iPhone. Thanks in advance!

Both Encased and Spigen are reputable brands known for producing quality phone cases. Encased offering a Belt Clip included for less money than Spigen Tough Armor is definitely a good deal. If having a Belt Clip is important to you and you’re satisfied with the reviews and quality of Encased cases, it could be a great choice.

Ultimately, it depends on your personal preferences and priorities, such as protection level, design, and additional features like the Belt Clip. Consider reading reviews and comparing the specific features of both cases to make the best decision for your needs.

Given their cheaper cost and belt clip included, encased cases are a good option. Encased provides comparable protection at a reasonable price point, however, Spigen Tough Armor is renowned for its robustness and protection. If you value the belt clip and the reviews are good, Encased could be a better choice.

I owned one with the LG v50 thinQ belt clip, and it’s a rather sturdy belt clip. but if you dropped it while it wasn’t attached to your belt clip. In other words, it promises to shatter your crap every single f… time you use it.

The cases have a raised bezel which ensure your screen stays protected when your phone falls in addition to protecting the other parts

I presently have one on my iPhone 13 Pro, and it has served me well. I dropped the phone on the concrete, and it still works perfectly. I have one complaint, and that’s it.