What are some the common iphone 15 issues

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Purchased on Christmas 2023, the iPhone 15 Pro drains. Just browsing through my Instagram, I didn’t watch every video, yet every three to four minutes, my iPhone’s battery drains by 1%. That means that if I continue to browse on my iPhone without using it heavily, my iPhone 15 Pro’s battery will run out in 240 minutes, or 4 hours (from the 80% limit to 0%). Is this typical? For some reason, the three times I ran Apple’s diagnostics, my iPhone 15 Pro is operating normally.

The phone’s battery and charging system is hectic. Additionally, the phone often freezes when many applications are running

A significant problem affecting the iPhone 15 is its propensity to become excessively hot during use.

hello, Overheating seems to be a major concern, with some users experiencing heat-up even during regular use [1].

One of the biggest issues with the iPhone 15 has been overheating , I can’t use mine for 3 consuctive hours its really overheating especially when browsing.