What are some cool widgets for iPhone?

Hey everyone, I’m new to iOS and used to have an Android phone. What are some good widgets for the home/lock screen? I really like what MKBHD has. Does anyone know what it is or have any suggestions? Thanks!

Jason… Welcome to iOS! Widgets are a great way to customize your home and lock screens. Some popular widget options similar to what MKBHD might use include:

  1. Widgetsmith: This app allows you to create custom widgets with various styles, including date, time, weather, and more.
  2. Fantastical: A calendar app with customizable widgets for displaying your upcoming events and reminders.
  3. Apollo: A Reddit client with widgets to keep you updated on your favorite subreddits.
  4. Google News: Provides news headlines and updates directly on your home screen.
  5. Widget Pack: Offers a collection of widgets for weather, calendar, news, and more, with customization options.

You can explore the App Store for more widget options and find ones that suit your preferences and needs.

Jason… Welcome to iOS! MKBHD often uses a variety of widgets, but one that stands out is the “Scriptable” app, which allows you to create custom widgets with JavaScript. It’s quite versatile and allows for a lot of customization. You can also check out apps like Widgetsmith, Fantastical, or Apollo for Reddit, depending on what kind of information you want to have on your home/lock screen.