Turning Off Burst Mode with Photo Timer?

I’ve noticed that whenever I activate the photo timer, my camera automatically goes into burst mode. Is there a way to disable this? I’d prefer to take single pictures with the timer activated…

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Most camera programmes take many photos with the timer turned on, but there is no way to disable this. Here are several easier approaches to obtain a single image:

  • If your camera has “Live Photo” mode, try it out. This creates a short video clip with your picture, but you can still save only one image later.
  • Use the timer in a different camera mode, such as portrait mode, if your app supports it.
  • When you start the timer, simply tap the button once; do not hold it down. Holding frequently produces numerous images.

When you activate the photo timer on your camera, it can sometimes default to burst mode, which can be frustrating if you’re looking to capture just one shot. I’ve had this happen too, and it can be a bit of a surprise. Usually, there’s an option in the camera settings where you can change the mode from burst to single shot when using the timer. I’d recommend checking your camera’s settings menu; you should find an option to adjust this. Once you switch it to single shot mode, you’ll be able to take photos with the timer without it automatically going into burst mode.