Troubleshooting iPhone 15 Pro: AirPods Not Working for Voice Calls

I want to use my USB-C headphones for phone calls, as they have a built-in microphone, but they are not working. The only available output options during calls are speakerphone or the standard earpiece.

Has anyone else tried this and succeeded?

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Yes, there are Bluetooth communication issues with the iPhone 15 Pro as well. I had a pair of Jabra 75T elite earphones, which I recently sold. They worked well with my 11 Pro, but now that I have the 15 Pro, I can’t find the headset to connect to. Not once. I just bought a different model of Jabra headset on eBay for 50% off the MSRP, which was a great price, but now I have to fucking ship them back. The iPhone 15 gave me the notice “can never connect to this device again”. What the fuck, Apple? Bluetooth worked on every iPhone I’ve ever owned, but the 15 Pro is a piece of asshole shit with Bluetooth. FIX THIS.