“Theater Mode” for iPhone?

I placed my watch in theater mode before I go salsa dancing because I know it will be touched a lot—including tap targets—which I do not want to activate. That functions perfectly. However, my iPhone appears to be touched as well when I put it in my pocket. I might discover that my phone’s battery has run out or, worse, that I am locked out of it when I take it out. I have encountered the “iPhone Unavailable” screen a few times and had to wait for a little while to use the phone in order to call my Uber. The dance ended around two in the morning last night, and I was waiting for a phone call that would take another thirty-five minutes while I stood outside in the freezing cold in my short sleeves! So, my query is: Is there an iPhone feature similar to theater mode that momentarily disables the screen to prevent undesired tap targets from being registered? If I have to totally shut down my phone and restart it each time I want to use it, that would be a bother.

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There is no special option on the iPhone to turn off the screen like the Apple Watch, but there are techniques to avoid inadvertent touches while dancing. “Guided Access” allows you to lock your phone to one app (such as music) while disabling the rest of the screen. Alternatively, you can swipe down the screen to make the top section simpler to access with one hand (“Reachability”). You can also use “Do Not Disturb” to mute calls and notifications, preventing the screen from turning on when bumped. These should prevent your phone from dying or becoming locked while you’re having fun!