Reviews and Insights on iPhone 15 Durability

I’ve heard that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are quite easy to shatter. What about the regular iPhone 15? Is it just as prone to shattering and scratching?

Because of their titanium frames, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are perhaps better options if durability is your main concern.
Using a case is always advised for better protection, regardless of the model.

Having recently obtained an iPhone 15, I can confidently say that its durability has impressed me so far. Compared to the Pro and Pro Max models, which are often noted for their glass fragility, the regular iPhone 15 seems to be more resilient to shattering and scratching.

The design feels sturdy in hand, and the materials used seem to offer decent protection against everyday bumps and drops. While I haven’t put it through extreme tests, typical use hasn’t resulted in any noticeable scratches or damage. If you’re concerned about durability, opting for the regular iPhone 15 might be a good choice as it appears to strike a balance between performance and robustness compared to its higher-end counterparts.

I can’t speak for the Pro models, but the regular iPhone 15 feels pretty sturdy in my hand. I haven’t dropped mine yet, but I’ve seen a few reviews that say it holds up better than some past iPhones. Of course, any phone can crack if you take a tumble wrong, so a case is always a good idea. I also recommend a screen protector for extra scratch defense. That way, you can be a little less worried about bumps and dings.