My roommate's phone and my phone have been mysteriously calling each other. Has anyone experienced something similar?

I’ve been using an iPhone for over a decade, and I’ve never encountered anything like this before. Earlier today, I was sitting next to my roommate in class when I noticed I was getting a call from him. Confused, I looked over at him, assuming he’d butt-dialed me, only to see he was receiving a call from me at the same time. We both answered and could hear each other just like a normal phone call. We shrugged it off, but it happened again about 2 minutes later. This time, we let it go to voicemail on both sides. I didn’t receive anything, but he got a 42-second voicemail that sounded like static or possibly computer fans.

Any idea what’s going on here? We both have 2FA enabled, and all our devices are in the room with us, out of reach from any third parties. Could this be some kind of spoof prank or bug? I’m running the 14.5 beta on my iPhone 12 Pro Max, but this seems odd even for a beta glitch…

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The same thing happened to me at 2 AM one day. This morning, he had four missed calls from me. When I answered his call, it started ringing as if I was calling him, then went to voicemail. I didn’t think much of it until he called this morning to check if everything was okay since I had tried calling him several times.