Is Titanium better than Stainless steel?

Since getting my white iPhone 15 Pro, I find myself strangely critical of the stainless steel finish on the 14 Pro in stores. The reflectiveness makes it look almost plastic to me, possibly due to a coating. Curious, which material do you prefer, stainless steel or the newer option on the 15 Pro?

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I prefer the finish on the iPhone 15 Pro. The new material seems to have a more refined and less reflective quality compared to the stainless steel on the iPhone 14 Pro. It feels less prone to showing fingerprints and smudges, which makes it more practical and visually appealing in my opinion.

Titanium is stronger and less dense than stainless steel, but it is not as scratch-resistant. Although the weight of a pen appears like a “premium” attribute, titanium has a lovely gray color and a low thermal mass, which allows it to heat up and cool down quickly and feel comfortable in the hand. Although it can be a little more difficult to manufacture titanium, it is still doable. Really, it depends on what you desire.

Someone mentioned carbon fiber, which sounds like cheap plastic when you tap it against something, but it looks amazing.