Is there any way to connect to a wifi that intentionally has no internet connection?

I want to set up a WiFi repeater with my iPhone because I don’t have any other devices with me.

Is there a way to make the iPhone use a WiFi network even if it can’t connect to the internet?

By the way, I am using the latest iOS 12 beta if that matters.

You could set up a LAN-only WiFi hotspot that doesn’t connect to the Internet if you have the right tools. For the most part, though, you’ll just need to disconnect the Internet.

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You can set your phone to forget all other Wi-Fi networks individually or by resetting network settings, and it will automatically connect to known networks.

Once you’ve successfully joined to this non-Internet Wi-Fi network, it will rejoin automatically in the future, without requiring you to connect to any other Wi-Fi networks.

Also, turn off Wi-Fi Assist to prevent your phone from using cellular data to augment a bad Wi-Fi connection.

Yes, you can connect to a WiFi network without internet for local tasks like file sharing, printer access, or using a local server. This is useful in various offline network setups​.