Is there an iPhone 15 Pro Max LifeProof case available yet?

I discovered that the $20 Walmart case by Body Glove is very similar to the old-school LifeProof case and offers just as much protection, but it’s way cheaper. I noticed that the 15 Body Glove cases aren’t available yet and I’m wondering if anyone knows when they might show up online or in stores, based on when new devices were released in previous years.


It took a few months, more or less. I waited for the Lifeproof lineup when I got my 12 mini new. I believe it was about 4 or 5 months after its release when it finally came out, with the off brands following shortly after. Otterbox owns the Lifeproof brand, and they always prioritize getting their defender series made and released first since it brings in the most revenue. Interestingly, I initially got a body glove for my mini, but I found that the audio in videos sounded muffled. So, I also got a Lifeproof Next because I liked that it’s completely waterproof for such a reasonable price. I’m upgrading to the 15 on Wednesday, so fingers crossed we won’t have to wait too long for a Lifeproof case!

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That’s a great find! It sounds like the Body Glove case is a good alternative to the LifeProof case. Unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed way to know exactly when the new Body Glove cases for iPhone 15 will be available.