Is Snapchat working badly on ip15 pro?

Is anyone else having problems with Snapchat on the 15 Pro? The UI is super weird, the camera quality is really low, and the ultrawide lens doesn’t work, etc.


Hello, yes Snapchat does not use the camera directly, but takes a screenshot of your screen that is why the image quality is “poor”. Many users have reported issues with Snapchat on the iPhone 15 Pro, including distorted UI elements, blocked content, and black spaces within the app. These problems are mainly due to compatibility issues with the iPhone 15 Pro’s new display layout and the Dynamic Island feature.

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Yeah, that’s really annoying; it feels like I’m using an Android or something LMAO. I guess we’ll have to wait for them to update it for the new iPhones…

Apple isn’t going to fix this. Snapchat is. The app wasn’t updated for the iPhone 15 models. The display layout available to apps is a little different from previous models.

Oh my God, this is terrible. Snapchat is usually behind with every new phone release; the same happened with my 12. An upgrade in the future should fix problems.

Although Snapchat’s camera quality has always been notoriously bad, front camera quality is far worse. Given that the 15 Pro/Max has the same screen size and arrangement as the 14 Pro from last year, this is a strange bug. Snapchat takes a screen grab instead of using the camera directly. The image quality is “poor” because of this.