Is It Worth Upgrading from iPhone 12 Pro to iPhone 15?

Thinking about upgrading from my iPhone 12 Pro to the iPhone 15. My 12 Pro is still in good shape, but the battery capacity is decreasing, and I really appreciate having USB-C. I’m considering the switch to the iPhone 15, but I’m concerned about potentially downgrading from a Pro to a regular model. How does the iPhone 15 compare to the 12 Pro? Should I go ahead and opt for the 15 Pro instead?

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I upgraded from the 12 Pro Max to the 15 Plus because my 12 Pro Max’s battery was deteriorating. I found that the 15 Plus retains enough of the ‘pro’ features from the 12 Pro, so it didn’t feel like a downgrade. The 15 offers significant improvements like better battery life, lighter weight, dynamic island, USB-C, and a 48MP camera compared to the 12 Pro’s 12MP. As far as I know, it doesn’t seem to be missing any features that were on the 12 Pro.