Is anyone using the MagBak case for their iPhone 15?

Hey everyone,
I like the case, but the sides don’t feel like they have much grip. It feels like the phone might slip out of my hand. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m wondering if mine might be defective or if there’s a way to make it more grippy.

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It seems you’re not alone in noticing the slippery sides of the MagBak case for the iPhone 15. Let’s explore some experiences and potential solutions:

  1. Initial Slipperiness:
  • Some users have reported that the MagBak case starts out slippery but eventually loses that slipperiness over time.
  • Give it a few weeks, and you might find that it becomes much grippier as you continue to use it .
  1. Sensitive Buttons:
  • A few users have mentioned that the buttons on the MagBak case are sensitive.
  • For instance, the volume buttons can be accidentally pressed while typing or even when pressing on the lip of the case.
  • Some suggest that this issue could potentially be fixed by shaving a tiny amount behind the buttons since they are removable.
  1. Smooth Feeling:
  • On the positive side, some users appreciate the smooth feeling of the case.
  • [If you enjoy the sleekness, it might be a matter of personal preference.
  1. Enhanced MagSafe Design:
  • The MagBak case is designed to deliver maximum magnetic strength when attached to other MagSafe accessories.
  • MagSafe is inherently weak, but MagBak aims to fix that .
  1. Mounting Solution:
  • Beyond its protective function, the MagBak case serves as a minimalist mounting solution for your phone.
  • It’s perfect for mounting in the car or anywhere else you need it .
  1. MagStick for Mounting Anywhere:
  • The MagBak case comes with a MagStick that has 3M adhesive backing.
  • You can use the MagStick to mount your iPhone 15 anywhere you like.
  • Plus, it supports wireless charging, making it a convenient companion .
    Remember that individual experiences may vary, so consider experimenting with the case and giving it some time. If the slipperiness persists and affects your daily use, you might want to explore other options or contact MagBak’s customer support to discuss your concerns.

Hi Mason… It’s common for cases to vary in grip. You could try adding grip tape or a textured sticker to the sides for more traction. Or, consider looking for a case with a grippier material to better suit your needs.