Iphone 15 pro vs iphone 11

Which phone should I upgrade to? I like the camera on my 11 Pro. Is the camera on the 15 better than on my 11 Pro? I am planning to get the 256 GB version and wondering if I need the better camera of the 15 Pro or if the 15 is enough.

I went from an iPhone 11 Pro Max to a 15 Pro Max. The upgrade feels amazing.

It’s funny when people say each new iPhone is barely different. The upgrade really matters when you’re jumping 4 years, not just 1.

Upgrading from an 11 Pro? Been there! The 15 camera is awesome, night mode especially. But for everyday pics, 11 Pro is still great. Plus, 256GB is pricey! Regular 15 saves you cash and takes fantastic photos. Pro gets you the absolute best tech, but for most, the 15 is a killer upgrade.

Go for the 15 Pro—you won’t regret it since it seems like you don’t upgrade much.