iPhone 15 pro max privacy screen protector

I’ve been using my iPhone 15 Pro Max for almost a month now, and I decided to try these privacy screen protectors. But after a couple of weeks with them on, I’m switching back to regular ones.

They kind of work if you want to block out someone sitting next to you. But in practical situations, they don’t do anything for someone standing behind you or standing “over” you (like on the subway if you’re seated and have strangers nearby).

Unless you’re really worried about privacy and love privacy stuff, these aren’t good. For regular use, they seem to strain your eyes when using the phone. Reading any text on your screen is an uncomfortable experience.

Rating: 3 out of 5 - it does its job, but not well, and it’s uncomfortable to use.

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Hey Arthur, I had a similar experience with privacy screen protectors on my iPhone 15 Pro Max. They’re okay for blocking side views, but not great for people standing behind or above you. Plus, they made reading on my phone a strain. I switched back to regular screen protectors too.

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Privacy screen protectors aren’t very effective, especially when it comes to someone standing above or behind you. Although privacy-conscious users might find them appealing, typical users may find them difficult to read and visually taxing. They get a three out of five because they fulfill their function, but inconveniently and with subpar results in real-world situations.