I hate my new iPhone 14 Pro Max

I upgraded from my iPhone XS max to the new 14 pro max since the screen was cracked on my XS. But here is the issue, the 14 pro max’s screen/touch ? Feels terrible. I navigate rather quickly and type fast which wasn’t a problem on previous phone, BUT is on the new one. It feels like I’m always pressing stuff when I don’t want to.

Have you tried adjusting the touch sensitivity settings in the Accessibility options? Sometimes, tweaking those settings can help reduce accidental touches. If the problem persists, you might want to reach out to Apple Support for further assistance, as it could potentially be a hardware or software issue specific to your device.

Yeah, I agree with the other commenter - all of my friends who have the iPhone 14 Pro are really happy with it. I’m also really happy with mine, although I have the Pro Max, so the battery life is obviously better.

My experience is quite different with my new iPhone 14 pro Max.

Since upgrading to the 14 Pro, I detest the touchscreen. However, my problem seems to be distinct in that nothing happens when I press anything. In particular, I have trouble typing the letters q and p as well as the digits 1 and 0. Near the edge, the touchscreen won’t function.

Disappointed with your new iPhone 14 Pro Max’s touch screen? It might be too sensitive! Try adjusting settings like “Touch Accommodations” or removing your screen protector. Restarting or contacting Apple Support could also help.

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My experience has been the opposite. My iPhone 14 Pro averages around 10 hours of screen time. I listen to YouTube for about 6 hours while at work and still have around 40% battery left when I get home. On the other hand, my girlfriend has an unused iPhone 12 from Verizon, and its battery life is significantly worse than mine.

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The experience is similar to mine my 14 Pro is overheating especiallly when browsing and draining battery .

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You sound like my mom. With her, she’s always pressing stuff she doesn’t want to be… but she’s an 82 year old tech illiterate… what’s your excuse?

Had to cringe when I read that, honestly. How many people would love that model phone but can’t afford it… wish people who had one were at least peripherally appreciative of it.