How to remove iphone camera lens protector

Hi guys, I need some help with this. My Girlfriend’s camera protector has been stuck for weeks, and we want to replace it with a full-coverage protector.

We have been trying to remove it, but it is stuck. My girlfriend often drops his phone, so we try to be careful. We have tried using a blow dryer, glue stick, and a suction cup, but nothing has worked.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Make use of a floss pick. The handle offers leverage to help take it off, and the floss is thin enough to get beneath it.

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hey, don’t get trapped into thinking you need a camera lens protector. I don’t use one myself—I just rely on a good case and screen protector. I’ve heard that lens protectors can be really hard to remove.

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Follow this simple guide steps

  1. Hands-cleaning
    To prevent transmitting oil or dirt to the lens, make sure your hands are clean.

  2. Gather Tools: A toothpick, a tiny plastic tool (like a guitar pick), or a plastic card (like a credit card) may be necessary.

  3. Switch Off the iPhone
    Turn off your iPhone to prevent unintentional touching.

  4. Look for an Edge
    Examine the lens protector for any loose edges or corners.

  5. Make Use of the Instrument
    Slide the plastic card or tool under the protector’s edge gently. Please take great care not to scratch the lens when using a toothpick.

  6. Raise the shield

Lift the protector cautiously and slowly, exerting consistent pressure to prevent

To remove an iPhone camera protector lens is simple , you can use your fingernail or a too, If it is a Snap-On design, you can use your fingernail to gently pry up the corner of the protective cover and If the cover is too tight, you can again also use a plastic pry bar which is usually used for a cell phone repair basically instead of your fingernail to prevent scratching the device (iPhone).

It’s simple:

  1. Use a hair dryer, heat gun, or heating pad to loosen the lens protector.
  2. Then, use a small knife to cut it up.

Alternatively, you can heat the adhesive with a hair dryer and use a spudger to pull the lens protector off. I used to use them too but decided to remove mine this way.