How long will my iPhone 11 Pro last after getting a black spot from a drop?

It looks like the stain is getting bigger, but it’s happening really slowly. I accidentally dropped my phone two days ago. I just want to know how much longer my phone will keep working. The touchscreen still works perfectly, and there’s no other damage or weird things happening.

If the phone is functioning well and the stain isn’t spreading quickly, you can keep using it for now while monitoring the situation.

That black spot on your iPhone 11 Pro after a drop is definitely a bummer,

but it doesn’t necessarily mean your phone is on its last legs. Here’s the breakdown to help you understand what might be going on:

The Black Spot: Potential Culprits

Damaged Display: The most likely culprit is a damaged display panel. This could be a cracked screen or internal damage to the LCD or OLED display causing the black spot.

Loose Connection: If the drop jostled something internally, a loose connection may be causing the display issue.

The Phone’s Lifespan: Not Doomed Yet!

The good news is that a black spot doesn’t automatically signal the end of your iPhone 11 Pro. Here’s why:

Functionality Matters More: As long as the phone functions normally besides the black spot (touchscreen works, calls connect, etc.), it can still be usable.

The severity of the Damage: A small black spot might be a minor annoyance, while a large, spreading black area could significantly impact usability.

Your Options: Repair or Replace?

Here are some things to consider when deciding your next move:

Cost of Repair: Apple or a certified repair shop can diagnose the problem and provide a repair quote. Depending on the severity of the damage, a screen replacement might be necessary.

Impact on Usability: If the black spot is significantly hindering your ability to use the phone, getting it repaired becomes more important.

Upgrade Timeframe: If you were planning to upgrade your phone soon anyway, you might decide to wait and get a new phone.

The Final Word:

A black spot after a drop doesn’t necessarily mean your iPhone 11 Pro is ready for retirement. Assess the severity of the damage, consider repair costs, and weigh it against your usual upgrade cycle. You might be surprised by how long your phone can last with a little TLC.