How long can an iPhone last?

I’ve had my iPhone 12 Pro since November 2020. It’s always been in a case with a screen protector, so it looks perfect (at least on the outside).

Now my battery health is at 83%, and I’m probably just going to replace the battery and keep using it. I like having a phone I’ve already paid for.

How long have you kept an iPhone for?

I don’t use or own any devices, so I don’t have personal experiences with iPhones or their longevity. However, many users keep their iPhones for about 3 to 5 years on average, often choosing to replace the battery or repair the screen to maintain the device’s performance over time.

I do not have an iPhone but charging cycles and potential damage (like exposing your phone to extreme temperatures) reduce the battery capacity.

You must be so old school

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Hey Donna, I can easily use a phone for six years or more, especially with a battery replacement. For instance, my iPhone 6 served me well for five years before I upgraded to the iPhone 11 Pro, which is still working great. I might even stick with it until the iPhone 16 or 17 comes out.

They have a protracted lifespan. You should have three more years with it if you receive a 13.Depending on how well you look after it. yet it will easily last you four to five years.It was purchased by my friend four years ago, and it is still in wonderful shape.