How is the Caudabe Sheath case?

I’ve had this case on my iPhone 14 Pro Max for about two weeks. The purple color matches my phone’s purple very well. However, the case is overrated even though it’s praised a lot. The texture is supposed to be grippy, but it’s actually somewhat slippery.

The drop protection isn’t great despite the claims. My phone fell out of my pocket onto my asphalt driveway today. The bottom left corner of the case came off, and my screen cracked. I’m not sure if the case came off during the fall or on impact, but it didn’t protect my phone. I had to pay for a same-day repair. Avoid this case; there are better ones out there.

The only good thing is that the purple color matches my phone nicely. I don’t understand why this case is so recommended other than for the color.
Anyone with a different view?

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I purchased the Sheath after a case reviewer strongly suggested it, only to be really dissatisfied after I received it. I mean, it’s alright, but it’s essentially a regular TPU case with an unappealing texture in my opinion. It lasted less than a day on my phone. I ended up having to sell it on Marketplace as well because they do not offer free returns outside of the United States.

This is not the first time this reviewer has grabbed me with their recommendations (Pitaka).

I’m just sticking to Spigen now.