How can I locate the owner of a lost iPhone?

Hi everyone, I found an iPhone. How can I find the owner?

Perhaps if you push the lock button five times. Check the medical ID. If there’s an emergency contact like your partner, father, or sister, it will display their phone number. You can dial it on your phone.

If you’ve found an iPhone, there are a few steps you can take to try and find the owner:

  1. Check if the iPhone is unlocked: If the iPhone is unlocked, you might be able to access the contacts or recent calls to find a contact labeled as “Home” or “Mom/Dad.” You can call one of these contacts and explain the situation.
  2. Ask Siri: If Siri is enabled on the iPhone, you can ask “Who do you belong to?” Siri might provide contact information or other details about the owner.
  3. Check for a Medical ID: If the owner has set up a Medical ID on their iPhone, you can access it by pressing the home button and selecting “Emergency” on the passcode screen. The Medical ID might contain contact information for the owner.

Barbara, That’s great that you want to return it to the owner! Try checking if there’s any contact information on the lock screen or if Siri can help you identify the owner by saying “Who does this iPhone belong to?” If that doesn’t work, you can take it to the nearest Apple Store or contact Apple support for assistance.

I’ve previously returned iPhones by holding down the lock button and requesting Siri to “call my mum” or “call my partner.” Whether Siri is enabled from the lock screen varies among users. Best of luck! :v: