How Can I Convert Voice Memos to Text?

I’m looking to transcribe my voice memos into text. Can anyone recommend effective tools or methods for converting voice memos to text on various devices?

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Download Google’s “Live Transcribe” app from the Google Play store. I’ve found it to be better than anything I’ve used on my iPhone.

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I’m putting a lot of effort into creating Scraibe, the greatest and fastest transcription app available. It operates both locally and in the cloud and is built on OpenAI’s Whisper! Not need any subscriptions! Try it out! :slight_smile:

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Sorry if this is really obvious, but what about the inbuilt voice memo in the iOS keyboard? Is your language not supported?

I got some options for you.

  • Apple/Android: Use built-in dictation features (if available) on Notes or recorder app.
  • Apps: Free options like or paid options offer transcriptions within the app.
  • Online Services: Paid services like provide professional-grade transcriptions (great for long recordings).

Remember, clear audio and minimal background noise are key for accuracy! Always review and edit the final text.