Hair under screen protector

Hey guys, I don’t know what to do! We just put a screen protector on my new iPhone XR and now there’s a tiny speck or hair on it. It’s really annoying. Can we fix it somehow?

Is it a glass cover? How near is it to a screen corner that you can lift? Glass covers let you lift a bit to put a sticker to remove dust or hair. You don’t need to remove the whole cover, just lift a bit to reach the hair.

If it’s in the middle or if your cover didn’t come with those stickers, you might need to put on a new one.

Hi Barbra.

You might try carefully lifting the screen protector and using a piece of tape to gently lift off the speck or hair. Just be sure to do it slowly and steadily to avoid damaging the screen protector or the phone. I faced a similar situation a while back and thats how i overcame it.