Does your location turn off when your phone dies

My phone died last night. I let my partner know where it is, and it seems like it kept updating after it died. Is this something that can occur or is the universe attempting to sour our relationship? :thinking:

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Don’t worry, it’s just tech doing its thing. Phones can often send out a last-known location even after they die, so it’s not a relationship-souring conspiracy, just a handy feature.

Yes, your phone’s location-sharing stops when the battery dies. This means live tracking of your phone’s location is turned off. However, apps like Life360 can still show the last known location of your phone if you have permitted them to access your location before the battery died.

Once your phone runs out of battery, its location-sharing function stops, and live tracking is turned off. However, the last known location can still be accessed through apps like Life360, as long as you had previously granted location permissions to the app.

Yes, because the GPS tracker needs power to operate

This is common and should not be a cause of your worries

Yes. If you have Find My Network on, the phone is findable even if off. It uses very low power communications so that other devices in Apple’s Find My network will report its location . If you have Send Last Location on, the phone will send its last known location before the battery dies. This doesn’t rely on another device to report the location.

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Howdy Mauris ! When your phone is turned off, whether due to battery depletion or manually switching it off, location determination services also are disabled . These services rely on power to function. GPS, Wi-Fi, cellular data, and other location-based sensors need your phone to be on to gather and process location data.

NO.If you turn off your iPhone, Find My Phone will display your last position for a whole day. After that, it won’t show up again until you turn your phone back on.

Hey, Mauris. When you turn off your phone, whether due to battery depletion or manually, location determination services are likewise removed. These services require power to work. GPS, Wi-Fi, cellular data, and other location-based sensors rely on your phone to collect and handle location data.

Oh, okay…this makes sense. Since phones can sometimes continue to update or process notifications after they’ve shut down due to a low battery or other issues. If Mauris is worried, maybe he can just check in their partner to help clear things up! Save the relationship buddy :smile: