Does the iPhone 5 still function?

Hello guys, I’m buying an iPhone 5 for 10 euros. I’m thinking if I can use it every day, or if I should take the screen from it and put it on my SE 2016.

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Absolutely, you can still make use of an iPhone 5, but there are some things to think about:

Software Support:
The iPhone 5’s last official software update came in 2019, so it won’t get newer iOS versions. But it can handle basic tasks like calls, texts, and browsing the web.

Compared to newer models, the iPhone 5 might feel a bit slow. Some apps designed for the latest iOS versions might not work or could be limited on the iPhone 5.

Battery Life:
Since it’s an older model, the battery life might not be as great as it once was. You might want to think about getting the battery replaced if it’s needed.

Screen Swap:
If you’re thinking about using the iPhone 5’s screen on your SE 2016, remember that it’s smaller, at 4 inches. The SE 2016 has a 4.7-inch screen, so swapping them might not be straightforward.

Overall Use:
As an extra phone or a backup device, the iPhone 5 can still be handy. But if you need something for everyday use, you might want to consider upgrading to a newer model.

In the end, whether you stick with the iPhone 5 or consider transferring its screen to your SE 2016 depends on what you need and what you prefer. For basic stuff, though, the iPhone 5 should still do the trick!

The iPhone 5, while an older model, can still be used for basic functions like phone calls, some apps that are compatible with iOS 10, light browsing, and email. However, it’s important to note that the iPhone 5’s last supported operating system is iOS 10.3.4, and it may not support newer apps or features. Additionally, the battery life on older devices like the iPhone 5 may have degraded significantly, which could affect daily usability.

Hi…Buying an iPhone 5 for 10 euros sounds like a steal! While it might be tempting to use it daily, keep in mind that it’s quite old and may not support the latest apps or updates. Transferring the screen to your SE 2016 could be an interesting experiment, but it might not be worth the effort or risk damaging both devices.

Just for basic mobile functions like phone calls, SMS, and I Message, the iPhone 5 is sufficient. However, it’s worth noting that it only supports up to iOS 10, so many popular apps may not be compatible. If your needs are basic, it should serve you fine.