Does the iPhone 12pro really need a screen protector?

I have been using iPhones for the past decade, starting with the iPhone 4 and now up to the 12 Pro. Throughout these years, I have always opted for screen protectors primarily for peace of mind, even though the newer iPhones like the 12/12 Pro are marketed as having stronger glass and being tougher overall. Despite this, screen protectors, while functional, can detract from the phone’s appearance.

I rarely drop my phone and generally take good care of it. Over the years, I have noticed that the glass screen protectors seldom get scratched or chipped, although they likely use weaker and lower-grade glass compared to the iPhone screens themselves.

Considering these factors, I am wondering if there is minimal risk in using the 12 Pro without a screen protector. Have others gone without one and experienced no issues?

Yes because of scratches. Even on an iPhone 12 Pro you’ll get scratches around hardness 6. A good screen protector is hardly noticeable anyway.

You don’t need one obviously, but resale value is a factor and if you keep your phone for a long time swapping the protector to get new scratch less screen is a lot cheaper than swapping the screen.

Arguments for Ditching the Screen Protector (iPhone 12 Pro):

Enhanced User Experience: Screen protectors can sometimes affect the touch sensitivity and clarity of the phone’s screen. Without one, you can fully appreciate the premium display quality of the iPhone 12 Pro.

Apple’s Ceramic Shield: The iPhone 12 Pro features Apple’s Ceramic Shield technology, which is significantly more scratch-resistant than previous models.

Your Usage Habits: Since you rarely drop your phone and take good care of it, the risk of screen damage might be lower.

Arguments for Keeping a Screen Protector (iPhone 12 Pro):

Extra Protection: Even the strongest glass can be vulnerable to unexpected drops or scratches from sharp objects. A screen protector provides an extra layer of defense against everyday wear and tear.

Peace of Mind: The added protection a screen protector offers can be worth the slightly diminished user experience for some people.

Screen Protector Options: There are high-quality screen protectors available that are very clear and thin, minimizing the impact on the phone’s aesthetics.

What Others Have Experienced:

Some users go without screen protectors on their iPhones, including the iPhone 12 Pro, and haven’t experienced any issues. However, others have encountered scratches or even cracks from unexpected drops or bumps.

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Getting a screen cover is something I always do. It’s not so much to keep the screen from breaking, but to keep fingerprints and scratches from showing up over time.

Based on my research, the iPhone 12 Pro does not necessarily require a screen protector, but there are some good reasons to consider using one: The iPhone 12 Pro features a ceramic shield front cover that Apple claims is 4x more drop resistant than previous models. This durable glass provides solid protection against scratches and cracks in most situations. However, the ceramic shield is still vulnerable to keys, coins, and other hard objects in your pocket that could potentially scratch the screen over time. A screen protector adds an extra layer of protection, especially if you plan to keep your phone for several years. They are inexpensive and easy to install, so using one is a simple way to help maintain your iPhone’s resale value. Ultimately, whether you need a screen protector depends on your specific usage and how careful you are with your phone. But given the high cost of screen repairs, a quality tempered glass screen protector is a worthwhile investment to safeguard your iPhone 12 Pro’s display.

Yes you still need a screen protector else the screen might break on a hard surface

Yes a screen protector is still needed to prevent scratches, absorb impacts and provide additional peace of mind. Your bank account will thank you. The cost to repair a screen for iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro is $279 make your decision wisely.