Do Lens protectors lower image quality on iPhone? Are they really necessary?

Hello to all of you. I have come to inquire about your thoughts about utilizing lens covers for your iPhone.

As you are aware, the iPhone 14 Promax that I recently acquired is an extremely costly phone. As much as possible, I want to keep it safe.

I purchased a phone case that completely covers the glass portion of the camera and has both a screen and lens protector.

Do you believe that the additional glass layer placed on the iPhone’s camera will result in lower-quality images?

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Yes. Any additional layer of material between what you’re photographing and the lens will degrade image quality.

Professional quality filters cost hundreds of dollars since they are designed to reduce that as much as possible.

I do not believe any case with a lens cover uses material of that quality. In addition to having an effect on IQ, I can imagine these things significantly boosting the possibility of flares, reflections, and other aberrations you’d prefer avoid.

However, this is a personal preference. How much are you willing to risk shattering the crystal on the front of the lens due to a drop against your tolerance for poor image quality, extra reflections, or flares?

It’s not really about the lens protectors but the plastic covering the LiDAR sensor and the glass around the camera lenses where the sensors are located underneath. Adding plastic greatly reduces sensor effectiveness.

The camera lenses themselves are quite durable with sapphire veneer, so they don’t need extra layers. Removing all the plastic from around the lenses and lens caps will restore your image quality to its intended state.