Do iOS 17 planet wallpapers actually simulate movement relative to Earth?

We know that the Earth wallpaper changes based on where you are. But with the Saturn wallpaper, I noticed mine doesn’t match online screenshots. Could Saturn’s appearance vary depending on where we are on Earth or maybe it changes daily depending on its alignment with Earth?

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iOS 17’s planet wallpapers does not dynamically adjust based on your location or the Earth’s position relative to the planets. They are static images chosen by Apple for their aesthetic appeal. However, the Earth wallpaper does change based on the time of day, showing different lighting conditions corresponding to the current time in your location. As for the Saturn wallpaper appearing differently from online screenshots, it could be due to variations in device settings, screen resolution, or potentially different versions of the wallpaper. But it does not change based on Earth’s alignment or your location Arthur.And that is my experience.