Did UAG make mistakes with how they designed all their cases for the iPhone 15?

Hey guys, I’m looking for a case for my iPhone 15 Pro Max. I’ve been buying cases from UAG since 2016, and their Monarch and Metropolis lines have saved my iPhones many times when I’ve dropped them.

I was about to buy their new Monarch Kevlar case because I liked the colors. But I saw they made a cutout over the new Action button instead of using a regular button on the case. It looks like this design makes the button stick out unevenly, and it might feel weird to press. The button isn’t even in the middle of the cutout; it’s at the bottom.

I checked their other iPhone 15 cases and saw they all use this cutout design, even for the Pro, Plus, and regular 15 models.

It seems like they weren’t ready for the new Action button because this cutout looks more like what they used for the mute switch on older iPhones, not the new iPhone 15.

Any other UAG customers here? To me, it seems like a bad decision from their design team, and I might not buy their products for the first time in years unless they fix it someday.

What do you think about using a cutout over the Action button instead of a regular button on the case?

Also, do you know of any other tough cases that protect the iPhone as well as UAG’s Monarch cases? Thanks.

I’ve used UAG cases on my Android phones for a long time. When I got my first iPhone, the iPhone 14 Pro, I planned to buy the Monarch Kevlar case for my iPhone 15 Pro. But when I saw it had a cutout instead of a real button, I hesitated. I decided to give it a try, but when I got the case, I noticed the button didn’t line up properly with the cutout. So, I returned it. If they fix that Monarch Kevlar case, I’ll consider buying it again. I really like how well it protects the camera. I’m sure they’d sell more if they got it right from the beginning.