Can images and videos be permanently stored on an iPhone?

I was wondering if the 11,000 media on my previous iPhone 7—which isn’t in the iCloud storage—were safe in there over time. Should I move it to a different location?

Yep, 11,000 photos on your iPhone 7 are definitely sweating. Phones aren’t the best for long-term storage. Trust me, lost some pics when my old phone died. Get those memories on an external hard drive or your computer - way safer. Plus, more space for new phone pics,

I recommend backing up your media files to iCloud or another cloud storage service like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. This ensures your files are accessible even if something happens to your iPhone.

You should definitely move it to a different location. iPhones have limited storage capacity, and keeping a large number of media files (11,000 in your case) can consume a significant amount of space. This might affect the performance of your device over time.