Can I replace the back glass on my iPhone 14 Pro Max?

I’ve had every iPhone since they first came out. The other day, I accidentally dropped my iPhone 14 Pro Max on the wooden floor in my office, and it shattered. I knew it would cost a lot to fix, but $600? That’s crazy! Do you think I could go to the Apple store and get some help? :sweat_smile: My whole family uses iPhones, and I also have an Apple Watch, MacBook, iPad, etc. Maybe they’ll cut me some slack? I really don’t want to switch to Android for my daily device. Sigh.


I would simply replace the casing and continue, haha.

Dude, $600 to fix your iPhone? That’s insane. Maybe you can charm your way into the Apple store with your whole Apple ecosystem. Walk in there with your Apple Watch, MacBook, iPad maybe even throw in a “my dog’s name is Siri” for good measure. They might cut you some slack just to keep you in the iPhone family. Who wants to switch to Android anyway? :joy: