Apple iPhone hotspot problem

Is this something that only I have trouble with? The majority of the time when I switch it on, it does not really turn on and takes a million tries to operate at all. Occasionally, I even have to restart the phone to get it to work. While I am using the iPhone 12, I think I also experienced similar issues with my old iPhone 8 Plus, which was running iOS 13. I would like to know if this is a phone problem or a general issue.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone with iPhone hotspot woes! Many users, including myself, experience finicky hotspot behavior. It could be a software glitch or a setting gone awry.

Here’s what to try:

  • Restart your iPhone: A simple fix that often works wonders.
  • Update to latest iOS: Updates often include bug fixes.
  • Reset network settings: This erases Wi-Fi passwords and network settings, but can sometimes resolve connectivity issues (Settings > General > Reset).

If these don’t work, it might be a hardware issue. Contact Apple Support or visit an Apple Store for further help.

Same issue with the official iOS 15 on iPhone 11. When trying to connect to Wi-Fi using the hotspot, my laptop won’t connect.