Alarm does not do what alarms are meant to do

I have searched but can’t find a post about my problem.

I set alarms that I need to go off, and they are not just for me. Often, I wake up before they ring and I willl be on my phone. Because I’m using the phone, like scrolling Reddit, the alarm just flashes at the top, makes no sound, and stops.

Is there anything I can do about this? I really can’t stand it.

I have an iPhone 13, iOS 16.3.1.

When I google it, all I find is yes, the alarms will go off if you’re on a phone call/FaceTime, which is not my issue at all.

To fix this, try turning off Do Not Disturb mode if it’s on, ensure your phone isn’t in Silent mode. Also, consider resetting your alarm settings or updating your iPhone’s iOS to see if that helps.

Yeah most probably Do Not Disturb causing the issue

May be it’s The Ring/Silent switch on the left side of your iPhone it controls whether your ringer is on or off confirm it is not flipped to silent