Will an iPhone 14 case fit an iPhone 15?

Hello fellow iPhone lovers, Can iPhone 14 case fit an iPhone 15?


My Apple leather case, which suited my 14 PM, does not fit my 15 PM. I went with the fine woven, and I don’t think it’s as horrible as YouTubers and media outlets have suggested.

Yes, it’s not leather, and I do miss having leather, but like you, I wasn’t feeling the third-party leather cases. In the worst scenario, I reasoned, I’ll have Apple warranty the fine weave if it deteriorates or begins to look bad in the future, as everyone seems to have suggested.


My iPhone 15 barely fits inside the Otterbox Symmetry+ for iPhone 13/14. Speaker holes and buttons lined up.

However, the slightly shifted camera cutoff on the iPhone 15 means that the Spigen Ultra Magsafe for iPhone 13 cover does not fit.

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The narrative surrounding cases and accessories for the recently released iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro has been somewhat disorganized. One thing to remember if you’re looking for accessories in anticipation of your iPhone 15 is that iPhone 14 cases won’t fit your new model.

I had a 14 PM with an Apple leather case, and it doesn’t fit the 15 PM. I switched to the fine woven case, and it’s not as bad as the media and YouTubers say.

It’s not leather, and I do miss the leather, but the third-party leather cases weren’t good for me either. If the fine woven case starts to look bad or wear out, I’ll just use the Apple warranty.