Why do clear phone cases become yellow?

Do Apple’s own clear cases also turn yellow quickly like third-party ones?

Because Apple uses premium materials, its transparent casings are engineered to withstand yellowing more effectively than many alternatives from third parties. But even Apple’s transparent cases can go a little yellow with time, especially if they are used often and exposed to UV radiation. Taking good care of yourself might lessen this impact.

All clear cases will yellow over time You can’t reverse the process.

Usually, clear cases are the cheapest option. Getting a replacement when you can’t stand the yellowing anymore.

Yup, Apple’s clear cases can also yellow over time, just like many other clear cases. It’s because the materials they use to make them flexible and clear aren’t immune to breaking down from exposure to things like sunlight (UV rays) and heat. While some users report theirs lasting a while, it’s a common issue. If a crystal-clear case is important to you, you might need to replace it every year or two, or consider a different material like leather.