What's the best alternative to the discontinued iPhone 12 leather cases?


I need a new case for my iPhone 12 because mine is really old and worn out. I checked online, but I couldn’t find any in stock. I talked to Apple, and they told me they won’t be getting any more. Can anyone suggest a similar case that’s not made by Apple?

It’s unfortunate that Apple doesn’t have the case you’re looking for in stock anymore. There are plenty of third-party options available that offer similar quality and protection. Brands like Spigen, OtterBox, and Caseology are known for their durable and stylish cases for various iPhone models.

You can check online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, or directly on the manufacturers’ websites to find a suitable replacement for your iPhone 12 case. Make sure to read reviews and compare features to find the best option for your needs.

Hey Barbara… There are plenty of third-party case options available for the iPhone 12 that offer similar protection and style to Apple’s cases.

Some popular brands include OtterBox, Spigen, Caseology, and ESR. You can find a wide variety of styles, colors, and levels of protection from these brands, often at more affordable prices than Apple’s cases. Just make sure to check reviews and ratings to ensure you’re getting a high-quality case that meets your needs.