To be honest, Apple need to improve the double tap gesture

I purchased an Apple Watch Series 9 four weeks ago hoping the double tap feature would be convenient, but it’s been disappointing with lots of limitations and a messy user experience.

  1. Double tap to play/pause or skip songs are only available in Apple Music app and Now Playing. However, Apple does not make API for double tap publicly, the double tap function is completely useless in YouTube Music and Spotify. The only workaround is switch to Now Playing.
  2. If any notification has only “Dismiss” button, the double tap is useful. However, if the notification, such as WhatsApp or Telegram notification, contains “Reply” button and it is located in the first place, it directly directs you to reply. I was attempting to have continuous double tap twice, but it won’t work.
  3. It’s hard to trigger double tap very often even you wear your watch tightly and tap your fingers firmly.
  4. Lack of the ability to customise the double tap. You only have two usage: playback and smart stack.
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I agree, Apple needs to improve the double-tap gesture on AirPods and other wireless earbuds. The current implementation is inconsistent and unreliable. I often have to tap multiple times for it to register, and sometimes it activates when I don’t want it to. It’s especially frustrating when I’m trying to pause music or answer a call and the gesture doesn’t work properly. Apple should take some cues from competitors like Sony and Bose, whose gesture controls are much more responsive and customizable. The ability to assign different functions to single, double, and triple taps would be a big improvement. Apple should also allow users to disable the gesture entirely if they prefer using the connected device for controls. With a bit more polish, the double-tap gesture could be a convenient way to control AirPods without pulling out my iPhone. But in its current state, it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

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I only use a double tap to answer/hang up a call, and I dislike the fact that the watch face must be “on” for the tap to operate.
I’ve also discovered that double tapping does not work when your sleep schedule is active.
I enjoy double tap, although it needs some work, and I expect it to improve.