Photos in iMessage conversations are not displayed in their entirety in the conversation info section

Since I’m using iCloud, my iMessage photos are stored in the cloud rather than on my phone. However, I don’t think this should result in lower-resolution representations not being stored. The issue arises when I try to find a specific image in a conversation by tapping on the profile picture to view them—it doesn’t list all the photos. This renders the feature useless. Is there a setting to change this? I don’t mind if it consumes a bit of storage since manually scrolling through messages to find what I need isn’t practical.

Any suggestions?

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Hey, @KnightRichards, I had a similar problem, but here’s what did the trick for me: Head over to your settings, then tap on ‘Messages,’ followed by ‘Siri & Search.’ Toggle off and then back on the option that says ‘Show Content in Search.’ Once you’ve done that, hop back into your message thread and check if all your photos are showing up now.

iMessage photo availability and resolution appear to be impacted by iCloud optimization. Verify the iCloud settings and turn off optimization to guarantee that locally stored full-resolution photos are saved. Although it could require more storage, this enhances accessibility. Alternatively, for individualized help with your iCloud and iMessage settings, get in touch with Apple Support.