Is there a LifeProof case available for the iPhone 14 Pro Max yet?

I’m a field biologist and need a case that can handle being dropped on rocks, in water, and regular exposure to dust.

I’ve been using a Lifeproof Fre on my old iPhone 7 Plus, and I’ve had to replace it every year or two because of wear and tear. I’m finally upgrading to the 14 Pro and would like recommendations for a durable case for heavy fieldwork.

Which case do you use to protect your phone outdoors? I want to keep the weight and size as small as possible.

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The Defender Series is known for its multi-layer defense, including a solid inner shell and a soft outer cover.

Take into consideration the OtterBox Defender or Pelican Marine case for rugged fieldwork. Both provide strong defense against dust, water, and drops. They are made to protect your phone from harm while withstanding tough environments. To reduce size without sacrificing durability and guarantee that your gadget is protected on field trips, choose for a sleek profile.