iPhone 15 Pro vs iPhone 12 pro


I want to upgrade my iPhone, and I’m torn between the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 12 Pro. I’ve heard great things about both, but I’m not sure which one would be a better fit for me.

Could anyone who’s used either or both devices share their experiences? What are the key differences between the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 12 Pro that I should consider before making a decision? Any insights on performance, camera quality, battery life, or any other features would be really helpful.

I upgraded from the 12 Pro to the 15 Pro. Day-to-day, they’re similar, especially since I replaced my 12 Pro’s battery recently. I got the 15 Pro almost for free by trading in my wife’s 11 Pro. The 120Hz screen is nice, but not the main reason I upgraded. USB C is a big deal for me since I back up to my PC without iCloud. Both phones weigh about the same, though the 15 Pro is a bit thicker.

Durability-wise, my 12 Pro held up well without a screen protector, but my new 15 Pro already has a noticeable scratch after just 2 weeks. The 15 Pro’s glass is less likely to crack but seems softer than older models.

If you’re only worried about battery life and the 15 Pro is full price, consider just replacing the battery for $99.

I would wait for the iPhone 16 :innocent: